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Big Bottles

Magnums and more

Magnums and more

In Four Friends Winery we also bottle limited quantities of larger standard volumes.

Please give us a call or write us in order to send you price offer.  

1.5 L – Magnum: equal to two standard-sized bottles.

3 L – Double Magnum: equal to two Magnum bottles. If the bottle is *Burgundy-shaped, it is referred to as a ‘Jeroboam.’

5 L – Jeroboam: equivalent to around six standard-sized bottles. While it may seem confusing, since it holds the same name as a Burgundy-shaped Double Magnum, the Burgundy-shaped 4.5 L is referred to Rehoboam.

6 L – Imperial Magnum, or Methuselah (for Champagne): holds 6000 ml, which is equivalent to eight standard-sized bottles.

9 L – Salmanazar: holds 9000 ml, which is equivalent to twelve standard bottles.

12 L – Balthazar: holds 12,000 ml, which is equivalent to sixteen standard bottles.

15 L – Nebuchadnezzar: holds 15,000 ml, which is equivalent to twenty standard bottles.

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